How to take care of leather

Leather furniture is beautiful and elegant. Don’t be fooled by its toughness, though, leather requires special care, sometimes more than fabric pieces.

Here are some tips for you to take care of leather pieces:

  1. Leather furniture should not be exposed to sunlight or heat sources (like your heater). This will cause the leather to dry out. When it’s dried out, leather might crack or become stiff and uncomfortable. To fight or correct this situation you can use a good quality leather conditioner, commonly found at auto parts stores. Some go on with a rag, some go on like lotion for your skin. With appropriate applications, you can keep your leather soft and supple for years and years.
  • To clean leather, first you must determine what type of leather it is. If it doesn’t have any type of treatment or pigment (color), it is natural leather and is usually unprotected. In this case, you may want to apply a leather protection from the beginning. This protector leaves behind a transparent film that prevents your sofa from getting stains. If you spill some liquid on an unprotected leather piece, you should clean it immediately. Regular liquids and leather do not go well together and could ruin the leather.
  • To clean pieces that have color or are more processed leather, you just need to use a damp cloth (better if it is a microfiber one) and wipe it gently. Try to use a light color cloth for those light colored leather pieces. There are leather-cleaning products available, but some will strip out the natural oils and moisture that make your leather soft and supple. Make sure that you either follow the cleaning with a moisturizer/conditioner, or better, use a cleaner with a built in conditioner.
  • Su Casa a product called “BEE’S WAX”, that we use in the stores on all of our leather furniture. This is a natural wax that provides the moisture that all leather needs to stay soft and supple. The great thing about the bee’s wax is that it’s a great general furniture cleaner and can be used on virtually any surface!

Until next time…

Leslie Archila

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